E200 Smartwatch ECG and blood pressure sleep monitoring heart rate

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Product Parameter
Product Model
Function points
Smart ECG high-end health watch, 1.72-inch retina 356*400 high-definition touch screen, ECG, with rotary encoder button, heart
rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, multi-exercise mode, body temperature monitoring, exercise
record. Sleep monitoring, call and message reminding, ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. Metal case, silent alarm
clock, remote camera, music control, sedentary reminder, water reminder, weather display, countdown, shake camera, mobile phone
APP name: SmartHealth
Master Chip
Ultralow power Realtek 8762DW
Blood oxygen
OSRAM (osram) 2703+ tianyi integrated core analog front end
CT1711 array
ECG chip
Ti 129
PPG chip
OSRAM 2703
Battery Capacity:
280mAH (high polymer pure cobalt battery cell with Seiko protective plate)
Screen size:
1.72-inch retina 356*400 HD touch screen
heart rate/blood pressure:
Green light PPG
BT 5.1(Android5.0 or above, IOS9.0 or above)
Operation mode:
Full touch screen (full-fit screen)
Environmental protection TPU strap/leather strap
Charging mode:
USB magnetic 2pin charging cable (with protection)
Health Monitor:
ECG, sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, sedentary reminder, drinking water reminder, blood oxygen,
sports modes:
Steps, mileage records, kari road consumption, various exercise modes. Motion track (displayed by mobile APP)
Standby time:
30-day standby, daily battery life of 4-7 days (the above data are from the factory laboratory, and may vary depending on the
personal use environment and process)
Other functions:
Silent alarm clock, remote camera, music control, sedentary reminder, water reminder, weather display, wrist display, call
reminder, SMS reminder, shake and take photos, etc.
Wechat movement:
Pay attention to WeChat official account, you can share and synchronize to WeChat movement.
App language:
Language: Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek,
Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, …
Firmware language:
Bracelet languages: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malay,
Korean, Poland.




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